Tie Drive with @thetrueboard

The Board of Directors is an organization that aims to serve society by sharing their vision of manhood based in positive character traits with men worldwide. They offer programs that provide positive examples of manhood through compassionate mentoring, inspired writing, and compelling public speaking. With these actions they hope to protect the sanctity of manhood, […]

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The Happy Hour: Juan Collins

The Juan Collins is a variation on the Tom Collins. It uses tequila, line juice and agave nectar instead of traditional gin, lemon juice, and sugar the are found in the Tom Collins. The Juan Collins is a refreshing variation of a classic to provide refreshment on any spring day. INGREDIENTS: 1 1/2 ounces tequila 1 ounce […]

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Mini Review @zennioptical

First time ordering and was presently surprised. New glasses showed up a week and a half after order was placed. This was well ahead of the 14-21 days that were advertised. With frames starting at $6.95 and a standard shipping fee of $4.95, it is very easy to get a quality pair of glasses for […]

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