Webster Style Podcast #12: A Pop Up Shave

Download Here We go into the bathroom as Elden gives a first hand review of Dreadnaught Shaving’s shaving products. We also touch on our experience at the Maono popup event that was held in Washington, DC. Checkout our new intro music by @thecosby. Check him out at thecosby.bandcamp.com @websterstyle on twitter 571-327-8953 (571-32-STYLE) info@websterstylemagazine.com http://www.Dreadnought-Shaving.com […]

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Dreadnought Shaving (@DreadnoughtUSA): A Luxury Shave for Any Gentleman

With its first appearance in 1906, the British class of battleships known as the Dreadnought featured heavy-caliber guns in turrets making them formidable opponents on the high seas of war. Seeking to recreate the spirit the of the battleship in a new plane of battle, the Dreadnought shaving company has established a formidable line of […]

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Brainstorming for Happy Hour

Irish Whiskey has the reputation of not being exactly an easy choice when you want to make a cocktail based on it. That is partly due to the slightly smoky dominant taste of the drink, which can be hard to tame, and partly due to a more traditional aspect which Irish Whiskey drinkers (and the […]

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