Bow Tie Thursday with @DogwoodBlack

What started as a fake website soon blossomed into a legitimate and fulfilling enterprise for the folks at Dogwood Black. Featuring a collection of US made neckwear and accessories, Dogwood Black is committed to creating high quality items for the menswear market. For more about Dogwood Black and their entire catalogue of offerings, visit them […]

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The Happy Hour: The Green Russian

Most sophisticated libation connoisseurs are familiar with the classic cocktails the Black and White Russian. Most however are not as familiar with their jaded cousin, the Green Russian. You favorite brand of coffee liqueur is nowhere to be found in the Green Russian as it is replaced with mint. The Green Russian is an excellent addition your your summertime drink menu. […]

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A Playlist of Blurred Lines: A Hypnotic hit with a classic style

Melodic and hypnotic, “Blurred Lines” is Robin Thicke at his best. Silky smooth vocals over a flawless Pharrell track, it is very reminiscent of some of Thicke’s earlier work with Williams. However the sence of deja vu that is exuded by the song does not come from the all to familiar paring of Thicke and Williams, but from the use of Marvin […]

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