Harry’s Anime Picks: The Shutdown Edition

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If you are a government worker, the next few days (we hope it’s not longer??) will suck because some of you will be stuck at home waiting for word to go back. Also if you aren’t an NFL fan, you may be looking for stuff to watch until the Super Series…or is it the World Bowl** is done and dusted.

I got a few recommendations but before I get started, let’s clear a few things up!

  • I want to thank everyone who chimed in with a few of their own suggestions last week. I will do my best to try and watch a few of your pick and even give shout outs when I do so keep up with the responses!
  • I can’t promise that you guys will get these weekly because, ya know…ADULTING!
  • While I will do my best to recommend some of the newest anime out there, there…

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 brings hilarity and the franchise to new heights

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When you go to see a sequel, there is usually a lot of concern. Most sequels can’t stand up to their progenitors, ranging anywhere from decent to horrible. On occasion, however, you not only find one that’s equal but alsosurpasses the original. The Godfather: Part II, The Empire Strikes Back, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Addams Family Values; and now we can add James Gunn’s space-superhero bonanza to this revered list.

While I enjoyed the originalGuardians of the Galaxy, I felt it played it safe at times. That movie was a lot of fun and humorous, but it never pushed me over the top. In Vol. 2, they finally gave me that “oomph,” and that was mostly thanks to the comedy. The laughs never seem to stop, and they reach new levels of hilarity, with Drax the MVP of this aspect. Dave…

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TV Talk – The Defenders Trailer Hits!

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The Defenders trailer dropped and, not going to lie, I literally started bouncing when I heard Misty Knight‘s voice. We see her interrogating Jessica Jones, following, what we assume, is a botched investigation.  And then….and this is the point that Ron lost all hearing, Matt Murdock walks in as Jessica’s attorney (much to Jessica’s surprise) and I screamed so loud I scared the neighbors.

After two years of build up The Defenders are finally together and it is everything I hoped for and more. From Matt and Jessica’s witty banter, Luke‘s deadpan snark and Danny‘s childlike enthusiasm at the idea of a superhero team up. On top of everything else we see Stick come to whip, in some cases literally, our four heroes and their allies into shape as The Hand and Sigourney Weaver’s mysterious and clearly dangerous Alexandria bring war to New York on a mental and physical…

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Review

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Dear Mario Fans, Full Disclosure: I have never played a Mario Kart game before this one. Now, before you crucify me, let’s come to an understanding. I have not owned a Nintendo system since the SNES, until I got a Wii U. However, I didn’t have the Wii U long enough to experience Mario Kart. Sure, some of you may look at me with some derision and side eyes, but that’s ok. I am here to tell you that this game really rocks!

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on especially for those out there that also have never played. For those that may (or may not) already know, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a game that is a port of the Wii U game enhanced with maps from previous versions including the DS and the Wii games.

As far as the presentation, the game…

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Star Wars Battlefront II: Another New Hope?

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Many of us got a chance to see EA’s trailer from Star Wars Battlefront II which more than likely will release this year right around the time Episode VIII releases. As some of you may know, we didn’t go easy with EA’s last offering and we are hoping that this time around they make up for it.

In the video below, Aitch gives his 2 cents about what he hopes comes in the next one that will restore his faith in the franchise.

So what are your thoughts about the new Battlefront II game? What do you think should be included this time around?

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