About Us

Webster Style Magazine is a digital magazine that caters to the new urban male. Spotlighting the best attributes of the new urban male’s interests and passions, Webster Style Magazine focuses on various facets of culture including but not limited to: style, grooming, food, traveling, technology,  finances, and women.  For Webster Style Magazine, style is not just about the clothes that a man wears, but its more about his passion, his demeanor, and the presentment of his heart. Webster Style Magazine, The New definition of the Urban Male.

39e7f5dElden Hawkes: Co-Founder/Contributor/Editor-in-Chief

Elden Hawkes is a scientist and educator by trade, holding degrees in marine sciences from the Univ. of MD Eastern Shore. He contributed a monthly column on fisheries policy to Fisheries magazine for four years until 2011.


David Kamara: Co-Founder/Contributor

David Kamara has a passion for connecting with people, this led him to grass-roots marketing experiences with the likes of VW, Acura, and National Marathon.   He has business management training from Fairleigh Dickinson University and currently runs and contributes to Campus Tv Online, an online media community created by college students.

DreddedDeuce (Harry): Culture & Technology Contributor

Harry  is an avid connoisseur of pop culture, with a particular affinity for comics, movies, sports  and gaming. He is also the proprietor of several podcasts including  The Next Issue and Gamers United.

Marc Polite: Culture Contributor

Marc W. Polite is an award winning writer from New York City.  An individual with a progressive outlook, he writes around issues concerning social history, current events, technology, and urban conditions. More of his writings can be found at his site PoliteSociety.com, which won the Best Black Blog of 2011 at the 2011  Black Press All Star Awards.

Jason Mathis: Editor /Style Contributor

Jason D. Mathis naturally possesses a passion for fashion and an eye for style.  His love of creating a look led him to start his own business, A Divo’s Touch, where he is a Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant.  He is an Accounting professional by experience currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Hospitality Management at Devry University.

Keylon Singleton: Photo & Video Contributor

Keylon Singleton is originally from Queens, New York. He has been capturing moments in time and designing graphical masterpieces for over ten years. His uncanny ability to transform a simple shot into thought provoking artwork is something that only a few talented people are able to do.



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