EP 108: Let’s Get Weird! (The Sartorial and Geek Podcast by Webster Style)

The Download: Trek to Yomi
The Spotlight: DoYouSpeakGeek
Short Takes
· R.I.P. Neal Adams
· Weird: The Weird Al Yankovic Story
Reviews: Moon Knight S1 E6 and Halo S1 E7
Trekking Out
· Star Trek Picard S2 EPs 9 & 10
· Strange New Worlds S1 EP 1
The Fragrance of the week: Ether by Kimberly New York
Pete and Pedro: Use code EHAWKES10 or (https://bit.ly/3rClqHK) to get 10% off your first purchase.
The Checkpoint (videogame show): tinyurl.com/TheNRWCheckpoint
Music by AOAO Music
Twitter: @websterstyle

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