Can Crystal Mineral Deodorant stop man-sized odor? (REVIEW)

For many men, the type and brand of deodorant that a man uses is often inconsequential to its function. For most, if it stops odor and sweat, we will classify it as a useful product. I stopped using aluminum-based deodorants many years ago. At that time, there were very few options that were available on the mass market that satisfied this need. As a result, I was “stuck” using only a handful of varieties from one or two brands. Fast forward to today and there is a plethora of brands that offer aluminum-free/natural options.

As a creature of habit, I have stuck with my same preferred deodorant for many years. However, recently I was introduced to a unique (IMO) deodorant that piqued my curiosity. After receiving a glowing recommendation from a friend, a spark was lit to make the change. Let us explore if the Crystal mineral deodorant stick lives up to the hype.


Coming from products that were either a gel formulation or a stick, Crystal was a bit “shocking” as it looks like its name. The look of the container and the deodorant itself gives you the impression that you are holding a crystal in your hand. The cloudy white nature of the Potassium Alum lends it more to be compared to a salt lick than a stick of deodorant.


Coming from the world of traditional deodorants, I am very used to there being a noticeable film after application. To a degree, this is to condition the user to think that it is working. Crystal is applied by gliding it onto your wet skin (or dampening the stick itself) until you are satisfied that you have covered the entire area. There is no film after application. After my first usage, I checked a few times to see if I even had anything on. It feels slick and clean going on, but after that, you will not feel anything else going forward.


While I had received glowing recommendations from associates about Crystal, I was skeptical because it was not as “heavy” as the deodorants that I have been accustomed to all my life. Also, as Crystal is marketed to the opposite sex, I was worried that it would not be able to handle the odor and musk that is often associated with male physiology, especially mine. Color me shocked and surprised at its performance. While I did sweat at times (it is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant), Crystal did an amazing job at keeping me fresh. Even after my 5-plus mile morning constitutionals, Crystal did a wonderful job of making sure that my pits did not smell like I just did five miles.


Let us get the question of price out of the way. This deodorant will run you about $7-8 dollars for a 4.25oz (about 120.49 g) “stick”. This price point is about double what many usually pay for deodorant. However, when you compare it to similar brands in the natural space, it is usually an inexpensive option that can undercut its contemporaries by more than half the price.

Final Verdict

For the price point, level of performance, and ease of use, Crystal mineral deodorant stick is a product that completely took me by surprise. As a result, I highly recommend this product. You can find out more about Crystal, their mineral deodorant stick, and their other products at

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