EP 100: New Beginnings (The Sartorial and Geek Podcast by Webster Style)

Episode 100 brings new beginnings, a renewed focus, and an exciting road ahead. In The Gentleman Spotlight, we highlight Zach Nineveh of Maison de Darius fragrances. The Download features both Kirby and the Forgotten Land & Guardians of the Galaxy, while the new segment Trekking Out looks at some of the exciting new developments in the world of Star Trek. We talk 28 Days of Black Cosplay with Bishop Cosplay and Real Woman of Cosplay while getting ready for Spring with a must-have style essential. We round it out by highlighting two fragrances for the week: Signature Citrine by Zaharoff and Naag Nool by Maison de Darius.
Pete and Pedro: Use code EHAWKES10 or (https://bit.ly/3rClqHK) to get 10% off your first purchase.
The Checkpoint (videogame show): tinyurl.com/TheNRWCheckpoint
Music by AOAO Music
Twitter: @websterstyle

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