Five Panty Droppers for Valentine’s Day

The art of fragrance is one that many use for their own satisfaction. There is just something about a good fragrance that can change one’s outlook on any given day. A good fragrance can reinvigorate your soul when you are feeling downtrodden. The power of fragrance can also affect the world around you. One whiff of your signature scent can be an impactful first impression with the ability to change hearts and minds. When used properly, the right fragrance can also be “used” to illicit desire.  

The feeling that you get when you wear a fragrance that causes every single woman that you encounter to make those eyes, can make a man feel like he’s Thanos with a fully loaded Infinity Gauntlet. While every fragrance is different, finding the one (or ones) that give you that Thanos stroke can be just as time-consuming as traveling through space and time to find all the Infinity gems. To save you a trip to Vormir, here are five of my favorite and guaranteed (at least for me) panty-dropper fragrances, just in time for Valentine’s Day. 



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