Klang 2 is an intoxicating and action-packed EDM ride.

Rhythm, a natural progression from one beat to the next. Creating a melody that’s in sync with the heart, mind, and soul. This rhythm and ensuing melody have been a huge part of gaming since its inception. For many, there is no more intoxication rhythm than that of EDM. The techno-greek world of Klang 2 is one where combat follows the cadence of EDM music. A sequel to the 2016 Klang, Klang 2 seeks to improve upon its predecessor by creating a syncopating neon world intertwined with the pulse-pounding rhythm of EDM. Does it succeed?

SteamLaunch_Screenshot_2Visually speaking, Klang 2 is beautiful. While the graphics aren’t heavily upgraded from 2016’s original, its neon style transcends console generations. The neon glow of Klang and his world are the perfect accompaniment to the intense rhythm-based action that the fast-paced EDM provides. Musically, the game is amazing. Featuring 30 tracks in the story and arcade modes, the music of Klang 2 offers an exciting and intoxicating layer to the game.

Gameplaywise, there can be a bit of a learning curve, especially for individuals who don’t normally play rhythm-based games like me. The leaving curve isn’t a steep one with the tutorial stage serving as a great introduction to the mechanics of the game. However, I did find that it took me a few times to play through the tutorial to get a good hang of the game. Pulling off lightning strikes, offensive rushes, and dodges, all following the beat was very satisfying. Overall, the control scheme is very forgiving. It will test more of your hand-eye coordination than punishing you for getting off-beat now and again.

After the opening tutorial level, you are then greeted with the basic premise of the game. Complete the four individual stages to then unlock the next boss. Your performance on these levels is ranked D-S (with S being the highest). The higher your performance ranking in these levels, the faster the boss will be unlocked.


As someone who has never been a big fan of rhythm games especially rhythm-based combat games, Klang 2 continues to draw me in deeper and deeper with every session. Its addictive gameplay continues to excite the senses every time that I pick up the controller.

Klang 2 was developed by Tinimations and is published by Ratalaika Games S.L.  It can be found on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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