Perspectiv by Perspective Blk

Perspectiv by Perspectiv Blk whose notes are unknown to me, but it is advertised as having a citrus floral opening. Well, it’s the truth as my nose detected a very lemony accord. To me, it comes off boozy as I get gin and tonic vibes from the opening. The middle notes of woods are barely present to my nose. As soon the opening dies down, I get nothing but the spice accords in the base.

In my first wearing, I saw about 3-4 hours of performance before it completely disappeared. This includes about 30 minutes of projection. The first time wearing Perspectiv didn’t wow me. However, it did prove to be a very serviceable fragrance, especially at its price point.

As I have worn it more, I have gotten a better sense of the woods in the mid notes compared to my initial wearing. The opening is enjoyable! The fragrance still lasts 3-4 hours on my skin even when I get a bit heavier handed with the sprays. Overall, Perspectiv offers a unique profile compared to others in my collection. It’s also easy to wear and one that you won’t mind reapplying throughout the day.

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