The Sartorial and Geek Podcast EP 62: Eternal Army of the Dead

This episode finds us talking about movies, games, and of course fragrances. We start with the revelation that Super Bomberman R Online is available on all major platforms for FREE! Next we talk about to our reaction to the trailer for one Marvel Studios’ next films, Eternals. Then we transition to our praise and spoiler ridden review of Army of the Dead. Hopping on the fragrance front, we talk about the app Parfumo and finish with a second look at Tahitian Waters as our fragrance of the week.

The Download (App): Parfumo

The Download (Game): Super Bomberman R Online

Fragrance of the Week: Tahitian Waters by English Laundry

Music by AOAO Music

IG: @websterstyle

Twitter: @websterstyle

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