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Poetic Daydreams: The Spark

pexels-vinicius-s-lopes-hans-821406 (1)Is it an obsession?

Thoughts of you race through my mind.

With every idol instant…

Flashing images-

Of your kiss.

It’s unexpectedness.

Its sweetness.

It’s electricity!

Solidifying the spark-

That pulsated between two.

Connecting opposite currents-

Becoming one,

If just for a moment…

Consumed with desire.

Each taste of your lips…

Intensifying the magnetic field that was generated.

Drawing us together,

Only to be pulled apart.


Now just thoughts.

Bright spots in this new world-


One that will end one day-


An end that will release currents.


With recapturing what was.


To see what could be.

Magnetic fields-

Drawing us closer.

Tasting your lips…

Drowning in the rapture that is you.

A spark reconnected.

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