Perceptions of Femininity: Hellfire

wp-1594299449388.jpgEmbers fill the sky.
Their crackle…
Piercing the calmness,
Of a deaf night.
Their flickering glow,
But a harbinger of things-
Mortal eyes have yet to see.
A spirit-
Consumed by a fire,
Not unlike those of Salem.
Fire that engulfs hearts,
Twists minds,
And corrupts souls.
Burning with rage-
Yet mortal eyes cannot look away.
Drawn to its beauty…
A moth.
Reaching out to the blaze.
Hypnotized by it’s allure.
All fear is lost-
As a yearning to be devoured by its passion,
Consumes all.


Podcast: The Sartorial & Geek Podcast by Webster Style


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