Quarantine Week 18 Lookbook: The Beat Goes On

wp-1594678668525.jpgThe end of another day.

Same old mess.

November can’t come soon enough!

Blessed to see a new day,

Especially in the land of COVID.

Breath in my lungs,

Love in my heart…

Fire in my soul!

Another week of quarantine is slowly fading away.

Ignorance and denial…

Seem to be subsiding.

In hopes that the embracing of facts,

will lead to a brighter tomorrow.

Yesterday has passed,

No words are needed.

Today is a blessing,

Enjoy every moment.

Tomorrow looks bright,

Bask in its glow.






This Week’s Fragrance Rotation



IG & Twitter: @websterstyle

Podcast: The Sartorial & Geek Podcast by Webster Style




One Comment Add yours

  1. Missuspositivity says:

    Absolutely stunning 🌼


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