Quarantine Continues: Week 13 Lookbook

wp-1591739514921.jpgThe Dark side cannot win.

Light shall prevail.

The force is the streets.

Every corner of the world-


Even the Death Star was defeated.

Another day…

Still homebound.

The world is changing.

Those in charge are scared.




Keep them on their heels.

wp-1591739514887.jpgBe careful out there.

COVID-19 is still lurking.

State numbers are spiking.

People are forgetting.

Don’t get comfortable,

Reopening doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Another week comes to a close.

Week 13 will soon become an afterthought.

The quarantine continues.

Life will never be the same.

Time to adapt…

Time to grow…

Time to shock the system.






Fragrance Rotation Of The Week


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