Quarantine Frags: My Top 5

Quarantine sucks! For me, a drawback of being home all day is that it seriously limits the fragrances I can wear. As a result, I try to make a conscious effort of which fragrances I wear so that they are both pleasing to me and not offensive to anyone else who may be around me. Also, I have found that some fragrances just hit different when you are confined to one space compared to when you are out in the world in the hustle and bustle of what used to be our normal lives. While I do have more than five that I can choose from these five are the ones that I tend to grab the most during quarantine.

IMG_0071_20200415_072903.jpgZaharoff Signature Pour Homme

This oriental woody fragrance has literally become my go to fragrance in the past year. It is fresh and it is easy to wear. It is just an all around perfect fragrance to wear whether you are out, are attending a black-tie affair, or are quarantine at home.

IMG_0072_20200415_072903.jpgOvation for Men

A recent addition to the collection, this aromatic fragrance with woody aquatic and citrus notes is absolutely intoxicating. The opening of the bergamot is so refreshing but it is so sophisticated with its combination of tobacco, vetiver, cashmere woods, and cardamom. Its sexy, it is sensual, is easy to wear, and it lasts all day.

IMG_0075_20200415_072903.jpgMont Blanc Individuel

The best way to describe this fragrance is a fresh raspberry dryer sheet that lasts all day long. This classic cheapie fresh fragrance is great to wear in the house. It is not offensive and it just makes you feel so good when you wear it.

IMG_0074_20200415_072903.jpgPlayboy London

This is a fragrance that completely caught me by surprise. It was a quick pick up for under eight bucks, and I figured I had nothing to lose for the price. It has aspects of spiciness, booziness, little bit of citrus, and woods. It has been a nice fragrance to wear around the house. The projection isn’t the greatest, but I have found that it lasts on my skin an entire workday. However, for just teleworking around the house for 8 hours or so, it is a genuinely nice and refreshing fragrance to throw on, not think about it, and keep it moving.

IMG_0073_20200415_072903.jpgOld Spice

There is nothing you can really say about old spice except that it is a classic. A classic that I never smelled until I purchased a bottle a few months ago on a whim. It was not what I expected. I imagined a scent that would remind me of an old man or a nursing home, but it really is a scent that is still well suited in 2020. It offers a fragrance that features citrus, spice, floral, and woody notes with surprising projection and longevity. It is not a fragrance you wear if you’re looking to garner compliments, but it is one that would do the job if you’re looking for a solid safe fragrance to wear any day of the week.

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