Quarantine Gaming: My Top 5

Quarantine has gotten us all down, but it has also given us time to do a lot of the things that we always say we never have time to do, like gaming. I myself have found myself gaming more than usual however I haven’t been gaming as much as I thought I would be doing the COVID-19 quarantine. Even with this perceived lack of gaming during this coin team there are many games particularly five that I keep coming back to, to pass the time when I don’t have other things going on. These games range from retro inspired beat em ups, MMORPG’s, classic titles, to one of the best games on the Xbox one.

Coffee Crisis

What happens when you combine classic beat’em up action, coffee, rock and roll and retro gaming all into one? Well you get to excellent game from mega cat studios Coffee Crisis. This game invokes the essence of many old school beat’em ups. One of the ones that comes to mind when I play this game is the classic Konami Simpsons arcade game, which is a great comparison any day. With features including great gameplay, old school password continues, and bosses modeled after well-known gaming youtubers, this game is awesome. You can tell that the game was a labor of love from the studio and really encapsulates they love old school beat em ups and he did an excellent job bring it into the modern times.

Mario Kart (DS and Switch)

In many respects Mario Kart is the quintessential racing game. It’s a great game to just pick up and play with anyone young and old. As a collective we’ve been playing a lot of Mario Kart 8 deluxe on the Switch and personally I’ve been playing it solo on my Nintendo DS. Sometimes you don’t want a game with all the bells and whistles of a Forza or Gran Turismo. You just want to get in the car, race, and have silly fun. Mario Kart fits the bill regardless of the system that is on.

Phantasy Star Online 2

As a fan of the original phantasy star online (I played in on Dreamcast and the og Xbox), this is a game that I’ve been waiting years to play. This is very much the epitome of get in/get out game play that doesn’t have a heavy with learning curve. It is a MMORPG for the masses. Sega may have taken almost a decade to bring it to western shores, but this game was well worth the wait.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 

Really what more can you say about this game, it’s Pac-Man! Who doesn’t love PAC-Man? PAC-Man Championship Edition 2 does an excellent job of reinventing the Pac-Man formula while keeping true to the original gameplay. It’s fun for young and old while providing both easiness and challenge for gamers of all ages and skill levels.

Gears 5 

Before gears five I was never a Gears of War fan. I’d maybe played some of the second and first games on the Xbox 360 and I wasn’t really a fan of the game play in the story at that time did not captivate me whatsoever. However, with the introduction of Gears 5 and with the advent of Xbox game pass, I decided to give it a try. I have to say that I was impressed not just with the graphical powerhouse that the game is, but also how the story just draws you in. I liked how I really did not have to know anything about the first four (5 if you count Gears of War Judgment) Gears of War games to really jump into Gears 5. It was very easy to understand the dynamic of the world and the characters along with their motivations. Most of all, it was very easy to get in and just start shredding.

To those of us stuck at home doing this pandemic gaming can provide a little relief from the reality of the outside world. While it is not a cure for the disease which we are slowly and steadily fighting against, it does give us some solace to know that we can be distracted and can connecting with others during his time through the joy of games. In the words of Lynn Minmay, “We will win!” 

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