House First Impressions: Le Parfum Maison de Roidarius

I love the opportunity to experience new fragrances. Recently I had the pleasure of receiving samples from a small house that is actually in my local area. Le Parfum Maison de Roidarius is a small Maryland based house that so graciously provided samples of their collection for review. Here are my first impressions. Spoiler alert, they are all good.


Notes: Oud, Musk, Patchouli, Orange, & Rose
This is a quality fragrance! The oud opening hits you hard. For some that will be a good thing, for others not so much. For me I wasn’t the biggest fan of the opening as it’s quite strong. As the fragrance revealed itself, the notes blended together very well with the patchouli and rose creating a very intoxicating mix. I haven’t gotten too much of the orange yet, but that may reveal itself as time goes on.


Notes: Caramel, Amber, Oud
First Impressions: One had me at first sniff. The caramel opening is amazing. They mixing of the caramel and amber create a very sensual scent. I think that the oudh gets a little lost in this mix but that isn’t a bad thing. If compliments the other notes very well as a background player. I can see this fragrance appealing to both men and women.


Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Oud, Ylang Ylang, Honey, & Lilly
First Impressions: This is the interesting one as the sandalwood and musk never really go away. In my opinion. The ylang ylang, honey, and Lilly play a very good role in adding a background floral sweetness to the musk and sandalwood with the initial spray. The sandalwood slowly fades as the musk blends in with the remaining notes. I would have thought that the honey and Lilly would make it very sweet, but I was pleasantly surprised. Much like Velour, it could appeal to both men and women…but I could smell this more on my spouse than me.


Notes: Amber, Oud, Green Tea, & Rose
First impressions: The opening on this one was an eye opener. A very wide eye opener! The amber and oud create a very strong smell that’s not at all overpowering. The combination with the green tea gives the opening notes an unexpected freshness. The amber and oud slowly fade into a very floral freshness with the rose and green tea. It’s a very refreshing fragrance overall.


Notes: Caramel, Vanilla, Oud, Amber, Violet
At first sniff I stated to compare it to Valour as they both open with a caramel note. However Notioreta opens a bit sweeter as it is accompanied by vanilla in the opening. As it dries down, the oud gives the fragrance an unexpected masculine tone (imo). Outside of the oud, it has very similar notes to a fragrance that my spouse owns and smells just like it as well. It’s a great fragrance and the oud adds a nice transition from the caramel and vanilla to the amber and violet.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, then checkout this review of the house by One Accord Fragrance.

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