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2019 Christmas Gift Guide: Tech

It seems like most tech gift guides are filled with the best phone, computer, and/or tablet to get your loved one. This is not one of those lists! The items on this list are all about accenting the tech that they already have or their individual passions and hobbies.

1. Sega Genesis Mini by Sega

For those of a certain age, the release of the original Sega Genesis/Mega Drive is the when our love for video games was cemented. We may have fallen in love because of the NES, we put a “ring” on it because of the Genesis. There have been many Genesis classic systems over the years, they all have been severely subpar in terms of both hardware quality and game emulation. This official mini system by Sega features an attention to details that only Sega proper would provide. It’s a great gift for the young (and young at heart) gamer in your life.

2. Command Hybrid Smartwatch by Misfit

I’m a fan of Misfit’s products. I’ve been wearing a Misfit Ray for over a year now and I’ve been impressed with not only their product, but also their customer service. The Command Hybrid is an excellent combination of Misfit’s excellent fitness tracking capabilities and the functionality of a traditional watch. If you are looking for a proper smartwatch, you should look to the Vapor.

3. Wireless Charging Notebook by The Tech Styler

I am always trying to find ways to minimize what I carry with me on a everyday basis. As a result I was totally floored when I discovered this refillable notebook with built in charging for both wireless and wired devices. On top of these attributes, it also contains a built in stand for your smartphone or small tablet. It’s the ultimate dream for anyone that wants to be productive in any circumstances.

4. Phone Soap by Phone Soap

Let’s face it, our phones are filthy! We take them everywhere, especially into places that are teaming with germs. Simply wiping down your phone sanitary wipe isn’t going to cut it as it only cleans the surface. The benefit of Phone Soap is that it irradiates your with UV rays kills bacteria in every nook and cranny of your device. Phone Soap is a great gift for the germaphobe is all of us.