First Impressions: Shea Moisture Beard Balm

I have always been comfortable with using Shea Moisture men’s grooming products as I find them to be really good products in terms of both quality and prices, especially when compared to many competing products. As my beard grows, I tend to need a bit more hold that the beard butter that I am currently using can provide. As a result I needed a beard balm and this gave me an excellent excuse to finally pick up Shea Moisture’s beard balm.

I was a little surprised as it was a bit more solid than I expected. As a result it required a bit more massaging in my hands before application when compared to other beard balms I’ve used in the past. Once the hand work was done, the balm applied smoothly and is giving me the hold that I was looking for.

After an initial use I can say that it works and works well. I do enjoy the fact that it is only lightly fragranced. As someone who wears fragrances quite a bit, I don’t want to have to worry about my grooming products cashing with whatever my desired scent of the day is.


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