Marvel teams up with Garmin with launch of Legacy Hero watch collection

The total dominance of the Marvel Cinematic Universe over pop culture during the past decade has produced a plethora of licensed products. Many of them have been unfortunately rather forgettable, but some do manage to stand out. One such standout is the newly announced Garmin + Marvel Hero Legacy collection.Β  The initial two watches of the collection lets you carry the passion and heroism of either Captain America or Captain Marvel on your wrists.

Legacy_Hero_Series_Smartwatches_AppThe watches share identical specifications with Garmin’s Vivoactive 4 line of smartwatches. The Captain America inspired watch (First Avenger) features a design inspired by Steve Rodger’s 1940s era timepiece accented by watch faces that prominently features Cap’s iconic shield and related imagery. Not to be out done, the Captain Marvel inspired watch features a color scheme mimicking Carol Danvers’ uniform. In a similar vain to its Captain America counterpart, the watch features faces that heavily utilize Captain Marvel’s image and iconography.

The line is being offered at a respectable $399 with the First Avenger watch being offered at a size of 45mm and the Captain Marvel at 40mm. These are smartwatches that are designed extremely well. Surprisingly the design of these watches would entice any adult fan to pick one of these up as they are mature in design while being very respectful to the source material that inspired them. You need not worry about awkward looks from your peers if you wear one of these in a business setting.

The Legacy Hero collection from Garmin and Marvel may be Marvel’s best crossover since the introduction of Street Fighter VS X-Men all those years ago. As someone who is not a big personal fan of smartwatches, this collection makes me think twice about my current position. These watches are the epitome of sartorial and geek.



Photos and video copyright of Garmin & Marvel


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