London smells good but just can’t hang with Creed’s Aventus. #Review

To many in the fragrance community, Creed’s Aventus is the gold standard of men’s fragrances. While it’s known for is solid smell and performance, it’s probably for infamous for its astronomical price tag. As a result the fragrance landscape is littered with inspired fragrances that aspire to provide users with a similar fragrance DNA. One of these inspired fragrances is London by English Laundry. English Laundry has a pretty good track record with outstanding fragrances such as Oxford Bleu and Cambridge Knight among others. As a result, I approached London with very lofty expectations. London features the following notes:

  • Top- Blackberries, Apple, & Pineapple
  • Middle- Juniper, Bergamot, Patchouli, & Ambergris
  • Base- Vanilla Musk, Jasmine, & Oakmoss

The impression after the first spray was simply one of amazement. London as an inspired scent offers a very similar DNA to that of Aventus. Unfortunately the amazing quickly goes downhill after the first spray. The opening top notes quickly melt into the middle note and they then quickly melt into the base notes. The projection after the initial application lasts about 10-20 minutes if you are lucky. Overall you may get 2-3 hours (possibly 4) with this fragrance, and that’s if you bathe in it.

London by English Laundry shares a lot of the fragrance DNA of its inspiration, but none of the performance. This is the worst performing of the seven English Laundry fragrances that I own. London smells good and is worth the $15 or so that your will pay at a discount store like Marshalls. However this not a fragrance that you should buy at full price. If you are looking for an Aventus inspired fragrance, there are better ones on the market at that price point and below.


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