Anatomy of a Gentleman: Please and Thank You

One of the first lessons that I remember learning in life is the value of please and thank you. As a child, saying please and thank you was a must when speaking to an adult (in addition to ma’am and sir). The importance of these words was often times placed in the actions of saying these words and their desired reactions (of fear of what would happen if they were not said). When transitioning from a child to a man, the importance shifted from the reaction that was desired to how these words were quintessential to how I wanted to conduct myself as a man. More importantly, I found that these words to be a vital part of conducting myself as a gentleman.

affection-appreciation-art-424517Please and thank you convey a respect to your fellow man that few words can. Utilizing please in any request (regardless of its size) exhibits a level of humility in one’s request. It also shows a respect for that person and their ability to fulfill that request.

Thank you is all about appreciation and again humility. Everyone desires to be appreciated by their fellow human beings. This is true in the context of general existence and in their deeds for others. The simple act of thank you conveys the fact that you are grateful and appreciate not just the task that they have fulfilled, but also for their very existence.

When living as a gentleman humility is at the very core of who you are. With this, please and thank you should be a key part not just one’s vernacular but one’s very soul. Without these words how do you tell those that you love to those that you just met that you respect them? As a result, a gentleman without please and thank you isn’t truly a gentleman at all.


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  1. Part of the basic rules of etiquette that so many take for granted unfortunately. As long as we continue to doing our part it shall live on.


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