Frag Quickie: Blaze by Beverly Hills Polo Club

70489_270a9d8c52260fdfadb251d981dee928_beverly_hills_polo_club_blaze.jpgTop: Basil, Verbena, & Cardamom

Middle: Black Leather

Base: Patchouli & Cedar

Beverly Hills Polo Club’s (BHPC) Blaze is an infamous fragrance that is considered by many to be an alternative for the more expensive Spicebomb by Viktor and Rolf. Based in the notes of each, I can’t understand why some see the two as being similar since the only note that they share is leather. Looking at it on its own merits, Blaze is a completely serviceable fragrance especially when compare to other BHPC fragrances that I’ve tried. It performs reasonably well (3-4hrs) especially in the cold.

The top notes of basil, verbena, and cardamom are fantastic. The middle note of black leather surprised me as similar notes have not worked well with my skin chemistry in the past. On the contrary, this leather note was very nice and dried down nicely into the patchouli and cedar base notes.

BHPC Blaze is a very nice cheapie to keep in the collection. This is especially when you can get 100ml for under $15 USD.


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