Becoming an Outlaw with Badass Beard Care

This trial kit from Badass Beard Care is really impressive. The kit itself is comprised of sample sizes of their Hog wash, beard oil, beard balm, and a guitar pick. It offers reasonable amounts to utilize and savor to get a true sense of the quality of the products. We chose their Outlaw variant with featured a fragrance profile of black pepper, tobacco, and vanilla.

Outlaw Beard Oil

The beard oil is of an excellent quality and does its job very well. The oil is the perfect viscosity, not too thick and not too watery. The fragrant aromas of vanilla and tobacco puts the other beard oils that I’ve tried to shame. The problem with the beard oil (not really) that it get overshadowed by the Hog wash and the beard balm .

Outlaw Hog Wash

I will not mince words on this one, the Hog wash is PHENOMINAL! The Hog wash provides a great deep cleaning of your beard (and scalp) with the black pepper dominating but not over powering the tobacco and vanilla. The Hog wash leaves my beard incredibly soft, especially compared to using soap, shampoo, and other beard washes that I’ve previously used. It also does wonders when using it as a shampoo as well. I did not use the sample as a body wash but if the results on my beard and scalp are any indication, I sure that it will do just as good one your skin.

Outlaw Beard Balm

The beard balm is intoxicating as the tobacco and vanilla overtake your nostrils when applying. Is provides very minimal hold, which is great in keeping your beard looking well kept. The inclusion on the guitar pick to dig out the beard balm was just ingenious!

The Outlaw line of grooming products from Badass Beard Care are high quality products that are priced similarly (and often time better) that those you would find on the shelf of your local store. They also boast a premium quality that is often missing in many of the common on the shelf brands. If you choose to give these products a try, you will not be disappointed.


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