Good Uncommon Scents No. 4 Blue Cedar & Cypress Review


For the past couple of weeks I have had a big interest in purchasing and trying out a new fragrance. I had identified a particular one to adress this interest, but when the trigger was ready to be pulled to my dismay the fragrance that I was interested in suddenly became unavailable. Then on a routine grocery run, I discovered a body wash/cologne combo pack featuring the Cremo company’s Blue Cedar and Cypress from their Good Uncommon Scents line of products. At just $14.99 with a 100ml bottle of fragrance included, it was a deal that I could not pass up. Here are the details and overall impressions and observations of the fragrance.

Top note: Lemon leaf
Middle note: Cypress
Base note: Cedar

IMG_20181029_120809.jpg• Opening lemon note is strong but quickly fades into the middle note of cypress. The cypress fades into the base of Cedar rather quickly as well.
• Projection is average with about 1-2 feet at its highest concentration.
• In my experience it lasted 3-4 hours before if became just a skin scent.
• After about 8 hours I barely smelled anything.
• Interestingly as it dried down, I smelled some of the lemon notes mixed in with the cedar.
• While advertised as an all year fragrance, it is best suited for the Autumn and Winter months.
• While this it very pleasing to the individual, if you are fishing for a reliable compliment getter or “pantydropper” then look elsewhere.
• Overall it is a good scent for a great value especially when combined with the corresponding body wash.



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