Why you need a separate travel wallet.

I bet if your wallet looks anything like mine then it’s a slight mess. Its filled with all the daily essentials including credit and debit cards, metro card, cash (occasionally), and a driver’s license. The mess in any man’s wallet comes from the other things that he may need on occasion . These may include like a multitude of store membership/loyalty cards, health insurance cards, business cards, and other items that you stuck in your wallet for safe keeping. All of this extra is exactly why every man should have a secondary travel wallet in their arsenal and there are a few good rationales for this.

Travel Wallet vs Daily Wallet

Only carry what you need

Do you really want to be in these seats with a bulky wallet?

When on travel only the essentials are needed: credit/debit cards, id, limited health information, and cash. That’s all you really need. If you are business travel, you should have a separate business card holder for those. As a result of only carrying these essentials, you only need to carry a slim wallet. While a bifold wallet would work, a slim card wallet is best. This way you won’t be tempted by the extra space that the bifold can offer to carry things you really don’t need.

Keeping things together and organized

Having a dedicated travel wallet allows you to keep all of those nonessential items collected and organized. This ensures that you will not lose anything that you usually carry that could or would get lost if you cleaned out your primary wallet for a trip. It also make the transition back to your primary wallet just a bit easier once you return from your travel event.

Changing up your style

IMG_20180926_151448Anytime you get the opportunity to purchase something new it gives you the chance to change-up the status quo. Having a dedicated travel wallet allows you to be brown when you usually carry black or vice versa. A gentleman should never carry a wallet made of nylon, paper, tape, or contain Velcro and these are rules that should apply when carrying a travel wallet.

Always remember that when on travel you are not at home. If you don’t pack everything under the sun into your suitcase or carry on, then the same should be true for your wallet. Effective travel is all about taking with you what will be most essential while you are away from home. A travel wallet is just on step to accomplishing this.


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