Bow Ties: The Perfect Summer Essential?

Even though summer is technically still a few weeks away, the summer season is in full swing. Rising humidity and temperatures leave us scrambling for one if not all of our designated essential accessories for the season. Items like sunglasses and sneakers may make your summer essentials list, but have you ever thought about adding a bow tie to your repertoire?

Adding Color

In my humble assessment, a bow tie makes a unique statement on an outfit that a traditional necktie just does not. It is a standout item in any man’s wardrobe, but it has the distinct ability to add a splash of noticeable color. By its design, a bow tie’s position and shape naturally brings one’s eyes to it and as a result its color adds a noticeable pop to your look.

Playful Summer Vibe

One of the things that I personally love about bow ties is that they are just fun. One of the most famous quotes during the tenure of Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor is “Bow ties are cool!” Bow ties are indeed cool and what better way to inject the cool and fun of summer into your wardrobe than by wearing a bow tie.

Dressing Up An Outfit

Regardless of how much fun a bow tie is, it is still a tie. As such it is designed to dress up an outfit, and that is exactly what it can do to your somewhat casual outfit. Imagine wearing your favorite untucked short-sleeved button down with a pair of chinos paired with a bow tie. Now doesn’t that spell a delicious recipe for a stylish summer?

Stay stylish my friends!




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