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Lost in Space is a crown jewel in the Sci-Fi tv renaissance.

lost-in-space-1-sezon-1-bolum-impactI always shunned to original Lost In Space as just some hokey sci-fi series from the 60s but the 90s film adaptation made me fall in love with the Space Family Robinson (and thus a love of the original series developed). The 90s version is one of the most under rated sci-fi films of the decade. This only made me more excited for the new adaptation from Netflix and boy did they deliver. While there are drastic differences from the previous interactions , this new Lost In Space series is really awesome. While watching it, you can’t help but to get the sense that you are watching a new modern sci-fi classic much like how we felt when the Battlestar Galactica remake first premiered.

18039775-1-1024x512 1The redesign and backstory of the robot are a great addition to the lore. The cast is stellar, but Parker Posey as Dr. Smith is awesome. She integrates elements of the previous incarnations of Dr. Smith (Jonathan Harris and Gary Oldman respectively) while making the character her own. The only issue I have is that Molly Parker’s portrayal of Maureen Robinson, reminds me too much of her portrayal of Jackie Sharp in House of Cards. It doesn’t take away from how good she is on Lost In Space, but a small thing that is very noticeable to me.

The last few years have brought about a sci-fi renaissance when it comes to television. This renaissance has brought us many jewels that have become must see watching for any genre fan. Lost In Space is certainly a jewel of a science fiction series that should not be missed.




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