Grooming Short Takes Ft. Harry’s and Cantu (@harrys & @cantubeauty)

It doesn’t take many words to tell someone if you like something nor does it take many words to express your absolute dislike for something either. Recently I had the opportunity to try out various grooming products from Harry’s and Cantu. As you can see below, it doesn’t take a 5000 word essay to express how much I enjoyed using these products.


20180107_234325~2After finally getting a chance to use Harry’s shaving products, I have to say that I was impressed. The shave gel was really nice and felt great on the skin. Combined with the razor, it gave a fantastically close shave. The fragrance of the shaving gel was absolutely outstanding! It is easily one of the best smelling shave gels that I’ve ever used. The razor was great to use as well. The flat design gives a great shave especially if you do a clean shave. As someone who almost always wears a full beard, I did miss the presence of an edging tool that I use on my normal razor.

After a few weeks of use I can definitely say that Harry’s lives up to the hype and is worth every penny. However for me, it’s not enough to entice me to change from my tried and true shaving regiment. If you checkout Harry’s now, you try them for just $3.


Cantu Beard oil

ProShot_20171231_231528I tried Cantu beard oil as there had always been an interest to try it since you get so much (3.4oz) for just a low price (under $5). As a result I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it has been a pleasurable experience. With prominent ingredients  including Shea butter, hemp seed oil, tea tree oil, and caffeine, it strives to be a high quality product under a low-cost banner. In that right it succeeds. The formulation is non greasy as advertised while leaving the beard soft to the touch (in my experience). The caffeine is promoted to aid in a fuller beard and it may just be my imagination, but my beard does seem fuller than it normally does at this length.

Overall this beard oil was a pleasant surprise with it being worth so much more than its asking price.


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