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Star Wars The Last Jedi Review – Spoiler Free

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The cast and crew of “The Last Jedi” deserve to be congratulated, they do something that hasn’t happened since “The Empire Strikes Back.”They made a movie that’s almost as rewarding, soul uplifting, and unique as the original Star Wars. I walked into the film expecting a “Empire Strikes Back” retread. Instead I was given a film that adds to the Star Wars universe, was thoughtful and touched on issues of war profiteering, economic inequality, and the treatment of animals, while never failing to visually dazzle through the whole film. This year has had some amazing films but “The Last Jedi” clearly stands above them all.

Rian Johnson as the director of “The Last Jedi” proves to be the equal of Irvin Kershner (director of Empire). Empire set the standard for a generation of what fans expect from the second film…

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