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Sartorial and Geek: It’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Season

Now that Thanksgiving is over we are now in the close-fisted grip the Christmas season. The sights and sounds of the season are everywhere you turn. The halls are filled with the sights and sounds of jingling bells, Ho Ho Hos, fat men in bright red suits, and Christmas tree vendors up and down every roadway. One of the highlights of the season for many is the ugly  Christmas sweater.

Recent yeas have seen a resurgence in their popularity as numerous events of the season have evolved into festive celebrations of this article of clothing. As holiday merry makers continue to embrace their “ugly”, many of our favorite brands and properties are now producing various offerings. Many of these sweaters are designed in vain of the traditional ugly sweater and are geek chic than ugly.

My love affair with wrestling has been an ongoing one since I was a wee lad. While the era of the Mega Powers and the Four Horsemen have long past, the Shield, Bullet Club, and their contemporaries more than fit this desire for content from the squared circle. Any wrestling and ugly sweater fan is sure to love the offerings from WWE. These offerings retain the tradition ugly sweater motif, they are hardly ugly as they are splashed with logos and themes from various wrestlers including AJ Styles and Finn Balor. Making these sweaters a bit too sweet for that holiday office party.


No discussion of themed merchandise is complete unless options from Marvel and DC are mentioned. With the recent release of Justice League and the debut of the Avengers Infinity War just days ago, our favorite superheroes are ripe for holiday sweater shenanigans. It doesn’t matter if you are a mutant or a metahuman, there is an ugly sweater that suits you.


The ugly sweater craze just continues to grow more and more every year. While so wish that it would die (me included), this festive attire is now a fixture and is no longer the horrible monstrosity that your  mom used to stuff you in when you were younger. Thanks to our favorite properties, the ugly sweater it vibrant with life, geekdom, and holiday cheer like never before.



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