Goodbye Movember! Three Reasons To Keep Your New Beard

With the twilight of Movember upon us, it is time to reflect on the abundance of facial hair that now resides on your person. You may be asking what’s next? What are the benefits of keeping and maintaining your new beard? Well before you grab your razor checkout these three reasons to keep your new beard.

Shaving products last longer

One of the most visible benefits of wearing a beard is that you shave a whole lot less, both in time spent and facial area. The side effect of this is that your shaving products tend to last a lot longer then they used to. So instead of restocking your supply every three months or so, now to get to restock every six to nine months (in my case its every 9 to 12 months). This cost savings should especially be enticing if you tend to purchase higher end shaving products.


People always want to touch it (especially the ladies)


The appeal of a well-groomed beard is one that few can resist. When taken care of its soft allure will attract attention from those who are so fascinated that they just can’t resist the urge to touch it. For all the single men out there (I’m not trying to get the married ones killed) this usually translates into a pretty lady asking you to touch it. If that’s not a good reason to keep a beard than I don’t know what is.

Feeling more masculine

The definition of what makes a man seems to always be shifting in our society. It seems the never-ending battle ancient stereotypes and new societal norms tends to leave many of us scratching our heads as to where we fit in. While not a cure for this societal battle, there is something about wearing a beard that just makes you feel more like a man. Sure it’s a bit psychosomatic, but it is makes you feel more comfortable than that’s a good thing. Next the huge bulging muscles, a full-grown beard is a stereotypical masculine as you can get.

Of course there are more than just the aforementioned reasons to keep and maintain your new beard. Just look in the mirror. If you like what you see then that’s all the reason that you need.


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