Stylish 3 for Under $30 : In The Thick of Movember

No Shave November (aka Movember) is upon us. With this many a five o clock shadows are on their way to becoming full-fledged beards. While not shaving, grooming and upkeep of these new beards is paramount and it doesn’t to break the bank. Thirty dollars can buy you a lot of things. It can facilitate an inexpensive dinner for two (drinks not included), 5 (give or take) tall sizes of your favorite latte, and even a few days of groceries depending on how you shop. However when it comes to men’s clothing, accessories, and grooming, thirty bucks can seem like an insignificant amount compared to the high prices that seem to hang onto quality items. Would you believe me if I told you that there are quality items out that can be had for $30 and under? Believe it or not, here are some additions to your grooming and style regiment that are 30 bucks and under


One of the best thing about the internet and a result e-commerce it that it gives anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit a platform to expose the masses to their goods and services. The men’s grooming area has exploded with choice due to this. One such company that is utilizing this avenue it The Shea Shack. They are currently offering their Diesel Strong beard wash set for just $12.75 (add $3.75 for shipping). The set includes a 2 oz Diesel Strong beard butter, Diesel Strong beard wash, and comb. With a total price of $16.50 including shipping, this is a deal that beard connoisseurs may not want to pass up.


While not a complete beard system like the aforementioned Diesel Strong set, the Soap Stash beard balm is a steal for just $12.99. The balm contains a handcrafted mix of sweet almond oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, tea tree oil, and cedar. The price is comparable to what you would find in your local grocery store, but the quality will surely exceed what you find there.


Dopp kits aren’t something that most of us think to hard as their function outweighs their fashion in most cases. To contrast this thinking, Holland Cox offered a very stylish Herringbone Dopp kit for just $30 ($38 after shipping). The dopp kit is constructed of heavyweight organic cotton exterior with a purple waxed canvas interior. This dopp kit will certainly class up your bathroom and travel bag.


Accessories (Bonus)

Of course a stylish pair of shades have absolutely nothing to do it grooming your beard, but the great thing about sunglasses are that there is always a good reason to own a pair regardless of the season. A good pair of sunglasses can be one of the best Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter accessories that you can own. Finding a good pair at a reasonable price can be tricky at time, that why these retro “aviator” style glasses offered by King’s Dapper Things such a steal. Offered in four different colors, these polarized shades are current being offered for just $20.56 ($5 shipping).


Grooming is an essential part of any gentleman’s routine whether in the presence of a beard or the absence of one. Regardless of the situation, emptying out your wallet for quality grooming supplies should not be the consequence of wanting to look your best.


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