The Fall Essentials: Corduroy

Tyson Beckford in Ralph Lauren


Its hard to believe that summer’s sun has set already. As a result we must look to changing out our got wardrobe items to match Autumn’s uniqueness . The first thing that you should grab is your corduroy. Corduroy is a textile that features a unique pattern commonly called a cords or wales. The size of a wale is measured in the number of ridges per inch of the fabric and this is used to illustrate the thickness of the wale. The lower the wale count the thicker the wale with the higher wale count being thinner. Standard wales usually contain 10 to 12 ridges per inch.

Images of corduroys many times brings back memories from our youth when our mothers proceeded to buy and make us wear the thickest corduroys that she could find. They then made that awful sound when ever you walked. The nightmare these thick waled monstrosities pale in comparison to the varying style of corduroys that we have to choose from today.

When it comes to corduroys, try dabbling with slacks and blazers. Those may be your best bet in finding what works for you (I’m not a big fan of corduroy shirts). In slacks, choose ones with narrower wales (wales are the “cords”). This can give you more of a casual/relaxed look for play, but they can still be dressed up for work. When choosing a corduroy blazer, look for one with medium-sized wales. This will give you a great for that night out on the town with your significant other.

Try thinner (small) wales in the fall and wider(thicker) in the winter especially when it comes to pants. With a blazer, I tend to prefer the smaller wale as the larger wale jackets make me look bigger. However see for yourself which wale best fits your own style. Corduroy is a timeless essential fabric of the fall (and winter) that never goes out of style.


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