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Kingsman: The Golden Sequel

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A Review by KMc & The Sloose

Producer Matthew Vaughn burst on the movie scene as a director back in 2004 with the hit indie film Layer Cake. Since then, he has been a known hit-maker, directing films including Kick Assand X-Men First Class. He is also known as a director that doesn’t do sequels; he left Days of Future Past to write and direct the original Kingsman: The Secret Service. So our interest was piqued when we heard he was returning for its sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Vaughn doesn’t disappoint. Much like the original, The Golden Circle is a fun and funny, irreverent look at the life of a super spy. It starts fast and furious and rarely slows down as we work our way through an enjoyable, if slightly looser than the original, plot. All the major players are back: Eggsy, played…

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