How I Work: Nuvision Solo Draw 10

I have always tried to be very minimal with how I work. I have never seen the need multiple devices to accomplish my goals, both in work and leisure. When recent events precipitate the need for a new computer, I made the decision to downsize even more with my replacement PC. This led my purchase of the Nuvision Solo Draw 10 to use as my primary computing device.


IMG_0173The Hardware

The Nuvision Solo Draw 10 is a 10 inch HD touchscreen table that is run by an Intel Cherry Trail atom processor and runs Windows 10. It features one micro usb port, one micro hdmi port, and one micro sd/tf card slot for extra memory. Speaking of memory the tablet comes with 32gb of on board memory and 2 gigs of ram installed. The crown jewel of this table is the fact that it’s pen enable and comes with the stylus. The stylus features over 1000 points of pressure to provide a pretty good writing experience. The tablet also includes standard features like rear and front facing camera (5mp/2mp), Bluetooth, Miracast support, headphone jack, and a battery that is supposed to give the user 6 hours of use. As a bonus the tablet also comes with a sleeve that houses both the tablet and stylus.

Everyday Use

My own computer use is very light. I live primarily in Office, YouTube, Windows Movie Maker, Netflix, news reader apps and on the web. Resource intensive programs like Photoshop and AutoCAD have no place in my work flow so this tablet has been a perfect fit. Often times it is relegated to a glorified Groove music player as I do other tasks throughout my day. The pen support has also had an interesting effect on how I go about conducting myself in a meeting. The accuracy of the included pen is good enough to allow me to not have to carry paper and pen into a meeting anymore. All notes are now handwritten in OneNote instead of one of the half filled notepads that are stacked on my desk. As a result of my typical daily usage, the combination of sleep and use time often allows me to stretch battery past the 6 hour stated battery life with the tablet lasting from 9am until 9 pm.


The drawbacks are minor, but they can pile up to be major inconveniences for some. First and foremost the power and volume buttons are very stiff. You have to put a good amount of pressure for either to register a response with the system. It can also have an issue waking up from sleep if is has been asleep to long prompting you to totally shut down the system to restart it. Also the speakers don’t provide the best sound, but they are serviceable.

Overall Impression

The Nuvision Solo Draw 10 was well worth the money that I paid for it. Originally the tablet was supposed to compliment a laptop that would be purchased in the future. However when coupled with an already owned bluetooth keyboard it becomes a really good laptop solution. The tablet becomes a very robust computing solution that eliminated my need for a laptop (for now). Unfortunately while I was able to purchase it on sale for $100 from the Microsoft store, it is currently listed again at its normal price of $250 (with the 8″ inch version thrown in for free). At that price point you should skip it as you can find better options in the Microsoft Store and elsewhere.

Nuvision Solo Draw 10 overview from WebsterStyleMag on Vimeo.



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