Watch History: She had the NERV to me give this!

neon-genesis-evangelionMy wife has always had knack for finding the perfect gift. I am a big a nine fan With one of my favorite animes being Neon Genesis Evangelion. The battles between the Evas and the Angels, the political intrigue that surrounded every step the characters took to the absolute psychological insanity that was the last two episodes of the original series all had me (and still does) hooked.

I was first introduced to the series in 1995 as I was progressing through my senior year of high school (do the math). Unlike today’s binge heavy media consumption, we had to wait weeks (if not months) for new VHS tapes to be released with the next 4 episodes of the series. When I was finally able to get my hands on the final episodes of the series, the blizzard of 1996 hit. This bit of Mother Nature’s wrath resulted in a week off of school which allowed plenty of time to watch (and rewatch) the mind blowing final episodes of the series. Neon Genesis Evangelion left an undeniable impression on me and this is something that my better half knew too well.

20170621_223422Knowing of my love of things that involve Evangelion, one birthday my wife presented me with this watch. Unlike other Evangelion inspired watches that I had seen in the past that featured the prominently featured the principal characters, this watch is simple. By employing a design inspired by the logo a NERV, the watch offers a simple black designed bookended by a thick silicon band. The watch keeps great time even after all these year. I have no idea of that type of movement that it utilizes, but it is very quiet. The only drawback is the band. The bulky silicon bad tends to get very uncomfortable (at least for me) and I don’t wear that often as a result.

Over 20 year my initial exposure to Evangelion Neon Genesis my excitement and glee for the series still remains high. This watch while not worn often is a great addition to the Eva themed music, wall scrolls, and DVDs that I have acquired over the years. This watch is just another example that awesome timepieces can come in many different flavors.


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