WSM Spotlight: Oakland Watches

Pocket watches have always been Somewhat of an obsession of mine since I was a boy, the pocket watch has always captivated me. For me they just project a regal sense of classical style that a normal wrist watch doesn’t convey. Pocket watches turn the routine task of telling the time into an event as you have to “whip” the watch out of your pocket to see every second pass. As a result of this obsession, I get excited when I see new companies like Oakland Watches that are dedicated to creating innovative yet timeless pocket watches.

According to the company, Oakland pocket watches are carefully designed by James Oakland in person. The design of every Oakland watch allows the user to see the inner engine: every gear, every gem inside of them is a piece of art, and carefully designed to be beautiful, other than functional. The refined mechanical inside Oakland Watches is designed and manufactured by expert engineers and watchmakers, to guarantee the highest precision. Oakland design wants to recall the good old times, but keep a modern touch.


If you like what you see then be sure to checkout for more details.

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