Watch History: The Best Man’s Watch

WP_000369Friendship is a funny thing. It can wither away and disappear in the blink of an eye and it can also persist for decades without a thought. When the latter occurs you gain crew members who stand by you as you navigate the waterways of life. As a result you end up sharing some pretty significant life moments together. Sometimes you end up getting a physical reminder of these moments and sometimes these physical reminders end up telling time.

At this point in my life it is mind-blowing to think that I have friends that have been in my life for 20 or 30 years. As a result we have been there through many weddings, the birth of new additions, and the deaths of those that have meant the most to us. One of my oldest friends Jeff has been around since the 3rd grade. We met for the first time in Ms. Winslow’s class, and as the new student in class he ended up being my first friend at my new school. Flash-forward a few decades and Jeff is serving as the best man at my wedding. A few years later I’m standing with him as he takes the plunge. As a groomsman he gifted all of us a Kenneth Cole chronograph style watches.

It was an unexpected gift but a welcomed one because at the time I did not own a functional wrist watch. As the years have gone by the watch has become more than just a remainder of his wedding day. It has become a reminder of friendship that has lasted 30 years. I cherish it as an heirloom and as a symbol of who we were as children and who we have become as men, fathers, and husbands. It may be a watch to some but to me symbolizes a lifetime with every passing second.



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