WSM Spotlight: Mr. Wolf Wrist Watches

There is just something about wood. The texture of it as you slide your fingers across it. The intoxicating smell of its fresh cut smell. Wood and the trees that it comes from are just a natural part our lives as we fashion it into everything from the homes that we live in to the clothes that were wear. I supposed that is where the fascination with wooden watches originates from. One of the latest companies feeding this fascination is Mr. Wolf Wrist Watches.

Mr Wolf was founded by a brother and sister who have a real passion for luxury watches, in particular wooden and bamboo watches. Their mission is to create an amazing marketplace of bamboo and wooden watches without the expensive price tag. They also pride themselves on offering free international shipping on all orders.

Most of the watches in the collection are made from renewable bamboo and feature wooden or leather bands. For more information about Mr. Wolf Wrist Watches visit them at


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