A recap of Blerdcon 2017

In the past comic book conventions were known as the yearly refuge for the geeks, nerds, and outcasts of society. With the popularity of comic book inspired films dominating the popular culture, convention are now home to attendees of all walks of life. Conventions are great for celebrating the geek in all of us, but typically do nothing to celebrate fandom’s increasing diversity. This very conundrum is that is what led Hilton George to found the first convention to celebrate that diversity. This idea became Blerdcon, the first convention to not only revel in the diversity of fandom, but to also to look at how to increase this diversity throughout the industry as a whole.

One of the best things about any convention is the opportunity to interact the artists and creators in attendance. One of the creators in attendance was our old friend Shawn Alleyne of Pyroglyphics Studios. He was gracious to talk  about the new sci-fi anthology “The Scribes of Nyota” and the I Am Black Sci-Fi television series.

One of the  most talked about panels at Blerdcon was the Hip-Hop and Videogames retrospective that was conducted by K Murdock of the NPC Collective. The panel was more like a lecture that weaved an intertwining narrative of the evolution of hip-hop and videogames and how each of their respective histories intersect throughout the past 40 years. I had a the opportunity to talk with him about his Hero Muzik collection.

There was no shortage of venders and artists at Blerdcon. For some it was a family affair as we spoke with cousins Tre and Jaron McDougal about their various artistic endeavors. 

Many described the atmosphere of Blerdcon to be that of a family reunion. Personally it felt more like one of the cultural events that I used to frequent back in college. It was an event where everyone was encouraged to share their ideas in an environment where the audience was eager to listen and learn. Combine this with video games (arcade cabinets and consoles), continuous anime screening (including after hours content), and spectacular cosplay, Blerdcon is an event that will only get better in the future. I for one can’t wait to see what is in store for next year.


Just to get you salivating for Blerdcon 2018, checkout the video of the Blerdcon cosplay contest courtesy of our friends over at New Release Wednesday.

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