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The dormant gamer inside has returned thanks to #E3 2017

Atari2600aThe joystick has been a constant peripheral to my existence for as long as I can remember. Early memories are filled with hours of playing the classic wood-grained Atari 2600 and it horrible Pac-Man adaptation along with classics such as Combat and Space Explorers. From there I graduated like many to the NES in an almost endless pursuit to save Princess Toadstool from the clutches of Bowser and sunk hours of my adolescence blowing into cartridges to unlock the secrets that had me playing with power. From there I drifted from the Turbographix-16, to the Genesis, to the Dreamcast, to the Xbox, Xbox 360, and now the Xbox One. Gaming has been a constant part of my life, but my excitement for gaming had diminished in the past few years to the point that my Xbox One had been mainly relegated to a YouTube and Netflix machine. However all that changed with this year’s E3 and as a result my Xbox one has seen more action it a week than it has in the past year.

no-call-of-dutyAs a collegiate and then a young working professional it was not uncommon to spend free nights up late trying to just make it the next level even though I had an early class or work the next day. All of this changed and my desire to play has decreased over the years. The reason for this change can be attributed to two specific reasons: 1) A couple of life altering events and 2) My perceived stagnant nature of the industry. Reason one without going into specific details drastically changed my life and my focus for it. Reason two is more indicative of my own perception of the gaming industry. The industry has been focusing heavily on AAA titles such as Call of Duty and Assassins Creed, and frankly many of these franchises either never gained my interest to begin with or I just never enjoyed playing them when I did. E3 2017 has somehow reinvigorated my desire to game again and here are the reasons why.

Cuphead is FINALLY getting released!

Originally announced back in 2015, Cuphead excited me back then and excites me even more now. Please note that it takes a lot for a game to excite me and Cuphead does so with its 1930’s cartoon style graphics and its innovative shooter style game play. The last game that I preordered for any console was the collector’s edition of Robotech: Battlecry for the original Xbox, that was before Cuphead that is. September 29th can’t come soon enough.


Original Xbox backwards compatibility.

This is something that I have only dream about but is not becoming a reality. As someone who owned an original Xbox, I still have a few physical games lying around that I would love to play again. I really hope that they work with EA and Bioware to make Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire part of the program as I would love to play them again. P.S. Can I get a little love for Shenmue II?

Nintendo makes you really want a Switch.

The premise for the Switch was always interesting to me but I never intended to buy one. After seeing what Nintendo offered up at E3, I am starting to develop an itch to possibly (a remote one) to get a Switch. Super Mario Odyssey looks absolutely fantastic! Miyamoto san and company have actually made me want to play Mario again.

PS4 Spider-Man looks AMAZING!

Oh my goodness did you see that footage? It was glorious! This new Spider-Man game looks to recapture much of the greatness on the Spider-Man games that game out during the PlayStation one era while heaping on a dash or two of the Batman Arkham series of games. While it looks great, it’s not something that would persuade me to purchase a PS4. I will be very much content to watch the walkthroughs on YouTube when the game comes out sometime next year.

As a devoted HALO fan I was a bit disappointed that there was not an announcement of a new game in the series. Also I keep holding out hope that Left 4 Dead 3 will be announced one day, but it didn’t happen this year. Even without these announcements, though, E3 2017 has left me energized to play games again. I’m sure that my Xbox One is thanking me while my family is secretly cursing me out.


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