Father’s Day Inspiration Guide: Grooming Essentials

If you are like us, it’s really hard to figure out what to get your dad something significant and unique for Father’s Day. Dads are notoriously hard to shop for especially if you are looking to gift more than traditional tie, socks, and golf equipment. In order to distill down some potential ideas for your gift giving, we decided make a few recommendations of some of our favorite items and services that could make this an extra special day for the father or father-like figure in your life.

*Please note that none of the recommendations have been paid for. All are based on personal use of the products, reader recommendations, or we think they are just plain cool.*

Every man needs grooming products. It doesn’t matter it dear old dad looks like Grisly Adams or Don Draper, I’m sure that he has a razor, shaving cream, and related products in the medicine cabinet. The following suggestion are designed to help you help dad to upgrade from the Barbasol, Gillette, and Schick that currently dwell in the far reaches of his bathroom.

BrushlessShave_Kit_Rev2_largeBrickell Men’s Products

If you haven’t seen our review of the Brickell Shaving system, then the short of it is that this is one of the best shaving creams that we’ve ever used. While $24 for a jar may seem a bit pricey for many, you will get your money’s worth with this quality product. Through a mix of high quality natural ingredients, Brickell succeeds in offering a high quality shave system that make the standard solutions look and feel like garbage by comparison. Your father and his skin will thank you for it.

2__10978_1488313585_1280_1280Dorco Shave

I’ve personally been using the Pace 6 from Dorco shave for the past six years and I absolutely love it. After my first use, its quality made so much of an impact that on me that my previous razor just happened to find its way to the bottom of the wastebasket and I never looked back.  From its sleek and sturdy design, to its close and smooth shave, and its reasonable price (the current razor with 10 cartridges is only $25.80), the Pace 6 excels on every level. Your dad and your wallet will love it.

14907826_10154711104143910_1116135089_o_1024x1024Cutlass Beard Oil

If your dad is closer to Grisly Adams in style then he certainly needs a quality beard oil. When I grew my beard out a few months ago, I had the pleasure of trying out the offerings from Cutlass and was really impressed with their entire line of beard oils. However of the three, I really like the Jamaican Black Castor oil the best. The effects of the Jamaican Black Castor oil on my beard were noticeably different as well as it left my beard looking fuller and feeling softer. While the Strongback and Cedar beard oils were good in their own right, the Black Castor oil is the one to get at only $12.50 (regularly $24.99) or for $16.25 on subscription. Believe me, dad’s beard will thank you.

With the Pace 6

Shea Moisture


Many of the women in my life swear by Shea Moisture products for their natural hair. Based on their rave reviews I tried out their African Black Soap & Shea Butter Shave Butter last October and was surprised how good it was. As of this writing I am still using that same container and plan on buying another when it’s done. The shave butter gives a very smooth shave and it’s very easy on wallet. I haven’t tried any of the other dedicated shave products from the company, but if they are half as good as the shave butter, the you be able to get dad a collection of high quality shaving products for a very low price.














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