Father’s Day Inspiration Guide: Neckwear & Accessories

If you are like us, it’s really hard to figure out what to get your dad something significant and unique for Father’s Day. Dads are notoriously hard to shop for especially if you are looking to gift more than traditional tie, socks, and golf equipment. In order to distill down some potential ideas for your gift giving, we decided make a few recommendations of some of our favorite items and services that could make this an extra special day for the father or father-like figure in your life.

Yes part of that very introduction was about not purchasing a plain old tie for dear old dad, but the numerous amount of unique and bespoke neckwear options out there scream for our attention during an occasion. An innovative assortment of neckwear (and associated accessories) can make your dad question is previous style choices in a very good way.

*Please note that none of the recommendations have been paid for. All are based on personal use of the products, reader recommendations, or we think they are just plain cool.*

SavedPicture-201741819245.jpgMishoe Neckwear

Born of working class roots in Baltimore, Mishoe neckwear melds those roots with a deep respect for the sensibilities of the past while embracing a current perspective on neckwear. All of their pieces are carefully handcrafted with all fabrics being hand-picked. The company is big on textures, unique patterns and arousing color way. Mishoe neckwear strives to produce an authentic product that you will not find elsewhere. This alone make them perfect solution for your Father’s Day needs.

DSC_1054King Kravate

King Kravate has set its sights on serving their customers as they want to be served, by providing quality products at reasonable prices. Founded by Justin King,  King Kravate embodies his strong love of men’s fashion and realizes his dream of owning his own fashion line. With his dream realized, Justin strives to make today’s modern gentlemen look and feel dapper. The product line offered by King Kravate isn’t only limited to their exquisite bow ties, they also offer a wide range of neckties and lapel pins.

IMG_7410_1024x1024Bacrelli Neckwear

Bacrelli Neckwear features a plethora of ties and accessories, we particularly love to their assortment of bow ties. Featuring those made of silk and those made of wood, Bacrelli strives to offer a bow tie to fit anyone’s taste.Bacrelli Neckwear is a luxury line that consists of everything from handmade silk ties to custom-made bow ties. Making it not only posh but a unique immaculate accessory. Bacrelli is a great way to add a bit of luxury to your Father’s Day while not breaking the bank.

the barcelona interchangeable wooden bow tie box set padauk tradSwitchwood

Bow ties have traditionally been seen as a creation of twisting and sewing fabric of all types and hues into magnificent neck adornments. In recent years there have been quite a number of companies who have set out to innovative the bow tie through the use of a new material; wood. One such company that is blazing a trail with the wooden bow tie is SwitchWood. Developed by designer Drew Storm Graham, SwitchWood not only became an obsession but a passion. This passion evolved into a mission to create an unsurpassed product that  emphasizes quality and integrity as the corner stones of the company. With the help of precision technology and meticulous craftsmanship, SwitchWood aims to ensure that each piece is a true work of art. Dad will be stylish and sport a true work of art with a SwitchWood tie.

Happy gift hunting.


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