Sartorial and Geek: The Flare of Geek Watch Faces (Android Wear edition)

Pop Culture Uncovered

A timepiece has been an indispensable item in the wardrobe of many for centuries. As technology has advanced, so have the versatility and style of timekeeping. With the many options available to create a curated, connected, time-telling experience, smartwatches have change the landscape and utility of watches for many. With the ability to change watch faces on the fly, the smartwatch offers the geek in all of us a new avenue of expression.

Matrix face for Android wear


This watch face is even more appropriate with the recent news that the powers that be over a Warner Brothers are trying to reboot the Matrix. Regardless of the outcome of that endeavor, this watch face helps to capture that nostalgia of the almost 20-year-old sci-fi classic. This watch face is free to download from Dheera Venkatraman.

Pac-man watch face


Who doesn’t love Pac-Man? Even if you were not alive to…

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