The Beard Life Chronicles: Shock and Why?

SavedPicture-201741014585.jpgIn many ways I wasn’t really ready for the reactions that I have

    received since the beard was dispatched. These reactions came from people whom I’ve seen on a daily basis for years and still it was a shock to many. I actually think the whole thing is kind of funny.

    There were two intertwining questions and comments when people realized what had happened: “Why did you cut it off?” and “This look suits you more.” The question is one that I expected from some because after all it is such a drastic visual change. I left one day with about five inches or so of hair hanging from my chin and came back a few days later with 99.9%, so yes I expected the question of why who wouldn’t.

    The comments about how this look suited me more were not expected. Don’t get me wrong the complements were and are appreciated, but I started to wonder what these comments really meant. Many questions began to swirl around my head as I tried to understand and grasp where this was coming from. Is it that my beard was in contrast to my overall perceived “clean-cut” look? Or better yet did some perceive the beard as a clash to my personality? I really don’t know what the answers are and I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

    Overall I am enjoying the lack of a full beard. I certainly don’t miss the extra time it took in the morning and in the shower to maintain the beard. There is certainly a liberating feeling that comes with this closer cut of facial hair.




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