Microsoft revealed more Scorpio details

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For those of you who weren’t still reeling from yesterday’s political news, you may have heard the announcement from Microsoft last night, as the team finally talked about the hush-hush Xbox Scorpio.

Those who have been Xbox fans over the years, may have been left scratching their heads a bit, as Microsoft seems to have pulled a hard 180 on their previous console marketing. For some time, the company has been touting Xbox as less of a gaming console, and more of a powerful computer that could be placed under one’s television. In fact, when the Xbox One was released, it was debuted as an entertainment machine which just happened to have the capability to play games. It got bundled with the Kinect (which, let’s face it, was less than overwhelming) and had a much larger-than-expected price tag tacked on it. Anyone remember how this went over with gamers? Let…

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