The Beard Life Chronicles: New Beginnings

SavedPicture-201745164554.jpgAn end is just a new beginning. When I started growing out my beard, I saw it as a way to make a change. The look and style of having a long thick beard was something that was relatively foreign to me. This journey has been an interesting one and by extension a convenient one since it happened during the winter months. Change can bring something new and exciting and my change is that the beard is no more.

With the dawning of spring I decided to make some changes to my personal style. I desired a more clean cut look to reflect my own sensibility of what that looks like. After letting my beard grow for the past six months it was a very weird feeling once the clippers finished gliding across my face.

As the crisp spring wind blew through the shop as I sat in the chair, I knew that I had made the correct decision. The sensation of actually being able to slide my fingers across my chin after so many months was somewhat of an exhilarating sensation. One that solidified the drastic nature of what had just occurred.

SavedPicture-201745164418.jpgIn many ways I was sad to see my beard go as I had just started to feel like it was a natural extension of my chin. Yet this decision will allow a different exploration of my personal style to occur in the next few months. After all was said and done, it was quite interesting to see all of the gray hairs that I spoke of in previous posts sitting in my lap as if they had been excommunicated from the holy sanctum that was my beard.

As I walked out of the barbershop, spring’s brisk kiss pleasantly caressed my nearly bare cheek in the warming embrace of the sun. At that moment I knew that the beard life chronicles were not over. They are simply evolving to reflect the new adventure that I am embarking on.






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