The essentials for Spring and beyond

The word essential carries a lot of weight. As implied, an essential is a kin to something that you must have in any given environment to survive. Clearly none of the forth coming suggestions are key to your personal survival. However the blooming spring brings its own set of style challenges a its brisk beginning gives way to the blistering heat of summer. The following suggestions are designed to assist you in meeting any challenge that the season has to offer.


SavedPicture-201733182735.jpgAn essential for spring and every other season is a good pair of sunglasses. Now I won’t pretend to know all of the different types out there but you should get sunglasses that fit your face and the style that you are going for. I personally use a pair of mirrored aviators like the one pictured for most occasions.

Cardigan SweaterSavedPicture-201733182726.jpg

On the most underrated spring essentials in our opinion is the cardigan sweater. A lightweight cardigan can be dressed up and paired with a suit. It can be dressed down with jeans or khakis and chinos. It can be used to replace that light jacket to fight off the chill of a crisp spring morning. The cardigan is a versatile item that should be part of any gentlemen’s essentials list.


SavedPicture-201733182713.jpgA nice casual sneaker is a must have for the spring. When trying to have a more sophisticated and lighter look for spring, a casual sneaker (low or mid tops) can be used to create great looks especially with the aforementioned cardigan sweater . The sneakers pictured are examples of the Aldrich Sneakers Taupe by Mossimo Supply Co. that I picked up from Target a few months ago.



The old saying goes “April showers bring May flowers.” While the validity of this saying can be debated, there is no debate that Spring is notorious for its rain. As a result, no gentleman should be caught without an umbrella.

These aren’t the only items that can be an essential part of your spring look, but they are some of the best. What are some items that you think should be included on this list?







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