The Beard Life Chronicles: Going Gray

SavedPicture-2017323182610.jpgLetting my beard grow out has had some interesting side effects. The most pronounced one is the presence of all of these gray hairs. Who knew that growing out my facial hair would allow father time to catch up to me lol.

I’ve had strands of gray hairs hiding in my head since I was a child, so having them on my head never bothered me even as they have continued to multiplied. However, the noticeable eruption of gray hairs from my beard and sideburns have begun to show my age a bit.

Please don’t think I’m scared or worried about getting older. I understand that as a black man in American (especially considering where I grew up) that I am blessed to be alive and in the position that I’m in. These gray hairs in my beard are just an unforseen reminder that I’m not 18 any more even though I still feel like it.

This beard is getting thicker, longer, and grayer. As Spring continues to march on it will be interesting to see what changes I make to the style of my beard as we go forward. Stay tuned because change is coming.






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